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5. Add links to your blog

Link your blog to the (virtual) world.  Follow this tutorial to add links to your blog. Three simple tips to do it succesfully:

  1. Add the link.
  2. Organize your links into categories according to the language of the link: Spanish, Turkish, English or whatever criteria you consider.
  3. Insert a widget called Links to your sidebar.

4.bis Change your ‘gravatar’

Customize your image. You may notice that some strange figures are shown beside your commnents, like this,

Now, you can change your avatar, but please, be creative and don’t use a simple picture, create your own avatar. There are hundreds of on-line services, bu I suggest this one Face your manga.

4. Let’s start the competition: install a counter

You write a blog and you’d like to know if there’s anybody out there paying attention to it. Install a counter, just another widget.

Next April the 1st tow prices will be given (THIS IS NOT A JOKE). The most visited blog and the most international blog. So you may use your friends and relatives living abroad to help you. Important prices are waiting for you!

3. RSS: your first ‘widget’

Widgets are simple programs (in fact, lines of php code) that make some tasts; we need them to have an updated blog.

Keeping instantly in touch with your friends’ blogs using RSS.  Have you ever wondered the meaning of this sign in your browser nav bar?

It’s RSS, the easiest way to be informed about your favourite blogs’ updates. As soon as a blog is updadet a new line will appear in your blog.  It’s called syndication.

From now on, your blog will be linked to the main blog of the project. A new screencast, about RSS. There’s some printable information about RSS just here.

2. Change the theme of the blog

Now, we want all the blogs similar to this one.  The appearance of the blog is given by the theme, just look at the video to learn how to change the theme.

Remember that we all use the same theme: CLAROLINE, you can only choose between dark ald light options, as shown in the video.

1. Write your first post


There’s an entry in every new blog called ‘HELLO WORLD’.  Remove it.

INDIVIDUAL. Write a short post at your blog. Just some words, for example:  ‘I’m Jose, from IES La Azucarera. If you want to know something more about me,  next days I’LL post a prezi presentation about me.

Writting a post is not too complicated, here you have a videotutorial, Just 140 seconds to know how to write a post. Then check the post at your blog.

Choose your molecule DEADLINE, 2011/10/15

Before start working in the project your team have to choose the molecule. Please, click on this link and write in the spreadsheet  your names, e-mail adresses and the molecule you chose. This page will be closed in 8 days.