1. Register at WordPress (No blog, just join WordPress).
  2. Work in groups of 2 or 3 people. Choose a molecule and write an e-mail to the coordinator.  From then,  you’re responsible of this blog. Each blog will be managed by two teams: Spanish and Turkish. You must agree on some generals items of the blog; i.e. header image…
  3. INDIVIDUAL. Write a short post at your blog. Just some words, for example:  ‘I’m Jose, from IES La Azucarera. If you want to know something more about me,  next days I’LL post a prezi presentation about me.
  4. BLOG THEME. Use CORALINE Theme; and clic on the Theme options, choose the third one, content-sidebar-sidebar.
  5. LINKS. Add some links to: your schools, eTwinning programe. Be careful! your links can be arranged by cathegories.
  7. Describe yourself. You’re what you eat, what you like, you dislike… Let’s create an slideshow to describe yourself: from 6 to 10 pictures describing you: your family, your friends, what you do in your free time, your school, your favourite music… Write  short sentences to each picture. Use a PREZI presentation, a funny way to mix text, pictures, videos… htttp://prezi.com One presentation per student.
  8. Create a post and insert a link to your presentation.
  10. Decorate your blog. Image of the project and link to the main page.
  11. Add an RSS to this blog. Place it at the top of the column.
  12. COUNTER. If you want to win the ‘Most visited blog contest’ you need a counter in your blog.
  13. TEN AMAZING FACTS ABOUT YOUR MOLECULE.  Look for information about your molecule and present it as 10 statments. After that, ‘wordlelize’ it, use wordle to create a visual composition. Write a post.
  14. Image for the ad campaign. Using creative commons copyright images, make a creative ad to your molecule. Write a post.
  15. How does it looks in different places: use online tools to sell it.
  16. NOT COMPULSORY. Create some merchandising of the molecule. T-shirts, mugs…
  17. Video. Using online tools, create a video campaing, uploado to youtube or blip.tv and embed in your blog.
  18. Add a poll to to your blog with some statements of your molecule.  A true/false miniquiz to know how much your colleages have lernt from your blog.
  19. VOTING AND AWARDS’ CEREMONY. Prices for: the most visited blog, the coolest wordle, the most inspired ad campaign, the best video.
  20. Autoevaluation



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